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10 things we learned in the MMVA fan pit

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Last night, Canada’s annual celeb summer bash, the iHeartRADIO’s Much Music Video Awards, took place in downtown Toronto. With A-list stars like Nick Jonas, Hailee Steinfeld and Gigi Hadid making their way north of the border, you’d bet yours truly will be there covering the starry action straight from the red carpet.

While standing with the rest of the media crew would have been the more sensible thing to do, this year we decided to hold court with the super fans to capture that high octane experience from the source. Sure, it may be more comfortable on the other side of the red carpet standing next to our peers to get a sound bite from the stars, but how can we pass up on the pushing and shoving (and you can’t forget the screaming) to get the celebs up close and personal with your camera in hand.

Being my first time on the red carpet and at the MMVAs, you can say it was quite the eye-opening experience to stand by these celeb-thirsty fans. Scroll down below to read the 10 things I learned from being in the fan pit.

There’s no one too big to come hang out with them
As cheesy as it sounds, super fans know they are stronger as a (loud) group. So if you love a celebrity, grab your newfound friends and scream (insert celebrity name).

Selfies are the new autographs
No one cares to see a celeb’s penmanship anymore. In this new age, selfies are the only collectible that matters.

All stars are equally loved (pending proximity)
Sure, fans have their favourite(s), but they basically profess their love to anyone that walks by.

Even if they don’t know them, a selfie is in order
The average MMVA attendee can’t possibly name every single celebrity on the red carpet, but that doesn’t stop them from wanting a selfie with all of them. Case in point: One of my pit-mates didn’t know who Vine sensation Nash Grier was. But as he approached us, she jumped at the point of getting a selfie and a kiss on the cheek.

“Love” is the only descriptor
Scream it out loud and it’s insta-bait for celebs to come over.

Fans should be consulted on pick up lines:
Exhibit A: To get Canadian cutie Shawn Mendes to come over, one fan screamed “Shawn! I need stitches!” Mission accomplished.

Fans are actually super sweet
Sure, they might push and shove you to the corner when their fave celeb walks over, but many offered to give their spot up for the fans in the back to take a photo with their celebrity of choice.

…and super polite!
Fans may be aggressive when it comes to calling the celebs over but when the stars do make their way over for a quick selfie, Canadians don’t forget their manners. #pleaseandthankyou

There’s no need to get all dressed up
Yes,they may be standing really close to the red carpet and may get five seconds of fame on camera, but when they’re slumming it with the rest of the fans, there’s no need for a ball gown. Who knew I would be basking under the sun in 30 degrees weather for a good 90 minutes before the first celeb, who happened to be Criminal Minds star Shemar Moore, stroll down the red carpet. In these situations, a cotton tank and denim shorts (see here for inspo) will do just fine.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate
Because the last thing they want is to faint (and get trampled on) before they get to see their favourite star.

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