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10 fashion buys that are just not worth it

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fashion buys not worth it

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If you’re a woman who is into fashion, chances are you’ve spent money on some big trend or other and then tried to make it work for way too long before realizing it just. Isn’t. Worth it. It can be hard to know ahead of time which purchase is going to be worth the money. Shoes that fit great in the store turn out to be too painful to walk even a block. The high-waisted jeans that looked good on the online store’s model go all the way up to your boobs and make you feel self-conscious. The bag that you saved up for forever suddenly goes out of style the very next season. Hindsight is 20/20, so it would be nice if someone warned us ahead of time: “Put the tight leather pants down—they’re not going to be worth it.” At least we can do that for you by putting together this list of all the times it’s okay to save your money and energy. Whether because it’s overpriced, uncomfortable, or just too damn painful, here are the top fashion items that just aren’t worth it.

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