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Your Weekend Wardrobe Is Missing These Slip-On Sneakers

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Weekends—above all else—are synonymous with ease. Easy mornings, easy walks in the park, over-easy eggs—and, most importantly, easy style. No one wants to think or try too hard on those two blissful lazy days, especially when it comes to our shoes. That’s where slip-on sneakers come in. Not only do they take approximately five seconds to slip on and off (because zero laces equal zero effort), but the season’s newest offerings are remarkably comfortable and stylish.

Ideal for weekend activities from Sunday brunches to Saturday strolls, a pair of slip-on sneakers is just what your weekend wardrobe needs. Oh, and how could we ever think about traveling without them? They are undeniably our saviors through airport security. So if you don’t own a pair of slip-on sneakers yet or you’re simply looking to update yours with some fresh styles, keep scrolling to shop some of the chicest picks on the market.

Your Vans just got an edgy upgrade. Available in sizes 6.5 to 10.
Can a sneaker get any more cushy? Available in sizes 5 to 11.
Add a feminine touch with a pink suede hue. Available in sizes 7.5 to 10.
The sneaker you'll reach for when you're rushing out the door.  Available in sizes 5 to 11.
The perfect choice for your next city vacation. Available in sizes 5 to 10.
Versatility for miles. Available in sizes 6 to 9.5.
They may be pricey but they're luxuriously chic. Plus, we love the zip detail. Available in sizes 35 to 40.
Up the cool factor of any outfit with an elevated platform. Available in sizes 5 to 11.
Are these not the perfect airport shoes? We think oui. Available in sizes 5.5 to 11.

In short: These slip-ons are sure to be a purchase you won’t regret—just slip them on and go!

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