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Yes, You Can Pull Off an Overall Dress


Overall dresses don't necessarily count as a wardrobe staple, but in the coming months, expect to see them more and more. A flirty alternative to tomboyish overalls, this trend is for those looking to mix things up. From classic denim versions with dungaree-style straps to ’70s-inspired silhouettes in corduroy, there’s a little something to try no matter what your style may be.

As is the case with regular overalls, figuring out how to wear this piece in an adult-feeling way fan be tough. However, thanks to a few of our favorite trendsetters, you have some new ways to incorporate the piece into your wardrobe. If you’re feeling in a bit of a style rut, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite looks to help inspire your next overall dress look. Keep it casual by wearing it on its own or with a tee, or dress it up with a classic blazer. With this versatile look, the choice is yours. Read on to see the looks and then shop overall dresses for your next look.

Paired with a classic white tee, this overall dress is a perfect casual look.
A leather version of the trend is definitely going to turn some heads.
Dress up the casual denim look with a structured blazer and tall boots.
Let the dress be the center of attention.
A plaid overall dress will easily stand out.
Opt for zipper details instead of buttons.
Wear your overall dress with a blouse to elevate the trend.
Oversize sleeves feel fresh under a simple, denim overall dress.
Pile on the accessories over an otherwise simple neckline.
Opt for a ’70s corduroy fabric, especially in a bright, sunny shade.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated by Gina Marinelli. Next, check out the ’70s denim style that has made a comeback.

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