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Yellow Has Won Spring 2018—See How to Wear It IRL

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If you haven't noticed a surge in the sunny color all over, chances are that you're probably not paying any attention to fashion right now. Yellow seems to have suddenly sprung up everywhere we look, saturating our Instagram feeds and finding its way into the new arrivals section of our favorite retailers (and subsequently our shopping carts). We aren't the only ones who've noticed it, either. "Gen-Z yellow is definitely a thing," a retail analysis expert from Edited told us. "It was one of the top 10 best-selling trends of Q1."

Now that we can officially say the color is "a thing", we've been screenshotting our favorite outfit posts as inspiration to wear it. Just below, we're sharing the best yellow outfits that you, our community, shared on Instagram using #WhoWhatWearing. Want to be featured next time? Use the hashtag on your outfit posts so we can see them.

What do you think? Has the sunny color won out over lavender as the season's biggest color trend?

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