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Would You Wear This Daring Bag Trend?


We love testing out the weirdest, most whimsical and out-there trends of the moment. We saw fanny packs come sprinting back into the fashion spotlight last year, confirming that "dad" style and anything with a loose tie to '90s nostalgia is going nowhere. But while the sporty bag achieved major popularity, it's the fanny pack's sleeker cousin we're looking at: the belt bag. Daring, yes. Doable? Debateable. If you're still hesitant about trying out belt bags for yourself, let these stylish women teach you a lesson in making the "out-there" bag so cool and wearable.

This stylish Norwegian makes a strong case for a polished belt bag, wearing hers over her trench coat.
Play up the whimsical nature of this fun bag trend by opting for an opulent color palette. Obviously, a fuschia velvet-finished Gucci version does this impeccably well. Shop similar: Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Velvet Belt Bag ($980)
Of course, the reigning queen of cool style can make an artful belt bag the statement piece of her award show look. Solange styled the rest of her look around the eclectic bag shape, opting for a pared-back black jumpsuit and equally standout earrings. On Solange: Vere Verto Deco Bag in Black ($340)
Still wondering how to make belt bags actually wearable? Hanna Stefansson's particular brand of Swedish pragmatism is a great example of how it can be done. On Hanna Stefansson: COS Belted Pocket Bag ($69)
And now, the Italian-girl way to wear a belt bag, which involves luxurious pieces like a silk robe and pretty flats.
We can't get enough of this super-sleek look and double wraparound belt bag.
Yes, you can wear a belt bag casually too. Opt for a cool graphic T-shirt and relaxed-fit or deconstructed jeans.
Double up on bags—whoever said one was enough never witnessed this chic look.
This fashion trifecta is a must-try for the trend-forward women among us: beret + blazer + belt bag.
Minimalists everywhere, take a cue from Canadian blogger Elif Filyos and wear your belt bag just like this. On Elif Filyos: Urban Outfitters Lera Croc Convertible Belt Bag ($34)
Ever the trendsetter, KJ opted for an oversize denim jacket and tiny sunglasses with her Prada bag, giving us all '90s-era style envy.
Mark our words: Girls with a bit of grunge style will all be wearing this Bella Hadid look in no time.
Let your pretty belt bag take center stage by using it to cinch your waist over a longer midi dress. Shop the style: Gucci GG Marmont Matelassé Leather Belt Bag ($1100)
Man Repellers are all going crazy over Leandra's use of mixed prints and traditionally clashing colors. As usual, the unexpected works on her.
A business casual look with a belt bag? You're not alone if you thought the previous sentence was an oxymoron. Yet this look is all the proof we need that elevated belt bags (this one is a previous season Loewe style) can be office-approved, too.
It's no surprise Kim Kardashian West's Alexander Wang leather fanny pack sold out the moment she wore it out in public. (Okay, we're exaggerating a tad there, but the celeb-loved bag is basically nowhere to be found on the internet.)
An updated suit will surely balance out the bag's forward style. But no matter how you plan to try out this daring bag trend, keeping it consistent with your own personal style will help it all seem wearable. And now, shop our editors' selection of belt bags that you'll actually be able to pull off.

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