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Why Berlin Has Some of the Best Street Style, in 12 Photos

Street Style

It's no secret that we're constantly looking to the street style scenes from the major four cities (New York, LondonMilan, and Paris). But only following that cycle during each fashion month can be limiting. Let's face it—our personal style is intimately tied up with our immediate environment. Location is a major influence for cultivating distinct style.

One city that's caught our attention? The German capital. One glance at the following images and you'll understand why Berlin's street style scene is not to be overlooked. From doubling up on stylish outerwear to testing out streetwear trends like fanny packs, the Berlin style stars have a way of styling looks that fuse elements of both the avant-garde and the practical.

Berlin people know the art of balance better than any other city. A floor-length dress meets a layered hoodie and moto jacket for an unexpected combination all its own.
Another A+ moment of balancing two opposing styles can be found in this winning look, combining the polish of a structured handbag with the toughness of Western-style boots and a substantial leather jacket.
It wouldn't be a Berlin street style look if it didn't involve a forward element like a patent leather trench coat or a fanny pack.
If you've ever traveled to Berlin, you'd know just how cold the city really gets. Enter not one but two (!) furry coats. The layered look makes a cool statement and is honestly downright practical when paired with heavy-duty boots.
There's nothing boring about this sleek all-black look. The play on textures here adds interest to the monochrome while a contrasting belt is eye-catching.
If there were any doubt in your mind that Berlin is winning the outerwear game, this look certainly puts it to rest.
The Germans are widely known for their close attention to efficiency and pragmatism. Though comprised of style staples like a crisp button-down and tailored trousers, this look is by all definitions "practical" yet undoubtedly cool.
When the look is 80% outerwear, strong accessories are a must.
Besides styling fanny packs to a T, Berliners have an uncanny ability to make a plain hoodie the standout piece in any look.
Rain or shine, the Berlin crowd knows the power of a classic coat.
We're betting on the fact that teddy coats made a big impact in Berlin before anywhere else.
Even varying shades of pink take on a new life when layered like this. It's settled thenBerlin's street style is a strong player on the global scene, and it's a city we're keeping a close eye on style-wise.

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