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When an American Travels to Paris, This Is How She Does French Style


Parisian style is the stuff of legend. We at Who What Wear often focus on French style (this editor in particular, I’ll admit), but what makes it so interesting and cool is sometimes hard to pin down. Let’s call it that je ne sais quoi. But there’s another iteration of French style that’s equally fascinating—how Americans dress when traveling to Paris and how the influence of the city and its stylish inhabitants impacts their style. Since it’s Paris Fashion Week at the moment, we’re seeing plenty of examples of what this means—and we’re diving into the subject with power influencer Chriselle Lim.

While getting ready for the Dior show, Lim shot some exclusive photos for Who What Wear, and her outfit struck the perfect balance between American and French style. She exhibits a blend of her L.A. casual-cool sensibility with the effortlessness of Parisian style. It doesn’t take long to see how she is a master at seamlessly blending the two. Hear all about her insight about Paris Fashion Week and French-inspired style in our chat below. Plus she reveals her insider’s guide to Paris, beauty product must-haves, and her ultimate photogenic tricks.

What is your process like to get ready for the Dior show?

I'm always full of excitement getting ready for the Dior show! I usually always get my hair done, but will always do my own makeup. I always prep my skin to make sure it’s super glowy and dewy before I apply my makeup. I also make sure all the clothes are steamed and ready to go.

What’s your approach to style in Paris?

Keep it effortless and keep it simple—less is more. Add a red lip and a silk scarf and that’s all you need to look incredibly chic.

How does living in L.A. influence your style?

Living in L.A. is all about keeping it easy and simple. Although I love dressing up and glamming up. I’m constantly trying to make more glamorous things feel more “lived in” and effortless. I like to call this “easy glamour.”

Available in sizes XS to M. 

The biggest secret to great skin and makeup when traveling?

Keeping your skin super hydrated and moisturized—especially when traveling.

I love spritzing my face with a mist every hour and also really taking care of my skin when I’m on the plane. I usually will replace my moisturizer with an overnight sleeping mask to bring the moisture back to the skin.

What are the travel essentials you can’t live without?

My face roller. I tend to bloat easily on the face, so I’m constantly rolling over my lymph nodes to detox those areas. I always bring a clay mask, such as the Dior Life “Pores Away” pink clay mask, that really help detox my skin after a long day of wearing makeup. I’m slightly oily, so controlling my sebum/oil production when traveling is important. As far as fashion items I never travel without? My classics: blue jeans, black booties, and a trench coat.

What are your favorite spots in Paris?

Merci & Bensimon for a unique shopping experience.

Favorite restaurants: Lac Hong (best Pho in town!) and Robert et Louise.

I always stay at the Amastan Hotel. Its location is perfect, and I appreciate the modern decor—and& its poké bowls.

How is working as a woman in your industry empowering?

Working as a woman in the fashion industry and digital era is incredibly empowering as you are able to play so many different roles and there really is no playbook. It challenges me to always constantly be growing and pushing myself out of the box and to think creatively and differently.

What are your top tricks for looking photogenic in pictures?

Have your photographer shoot you from a lower angle—it will immediately make you look five feet taller! Also, don’t forget to add that luminous glow as that will keep your skin looking super light and glowy. Or just use a Snapchat filter!

What are your holy grail beauty products?

Darphin's Micellar Water is always my go-to product to start my skincare routine. It's effective yet really gentle for my skin.

I've been into Sunday Riley's Tidal Brightening Enzyme Water Cream a lot lately, so much so that my bottle is literally almost done, that's how good it is.

La Mer's Eye Balm Intense is also a savior when I'm traveling—it even comes with an applicator. The puffiness I get around my eyes when I travel is reduced when I use it. 

The Capture Youth Glow Booster Sérum. I always mix the serum into my moisturizer before applying my makeup on. It will give you that extra boost of glow to your skin!

Dior Skin Forever Foundation. I’m color #024 and it’s one of the lightest foundations that just melts into your skin, making it look natural and flawless. 

And the fashion items on your wish list?

With her combination of L.A. ease and Parisian effortlessness, Chriselle Lim is a study on what it means to merge American and French style.

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