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What You Should Never Wear to a Wedding


Getting dressed for a wedding is tricky. There’s the pressure to look amazing (hello, photo booth) while simultaneously navigating the ever-changing rules of outfit etiquette. Rather than attempt the opinion-laden terrain ourselves, we figured we’d call in an expert to lay down some ground rules. Enter bridal expert Melissa Coker. Scroll down for Coker’s definitive list of what you should never wear to a wedding, and then shop our picks for what you should.

“This is not P. Diddy’s annual White Party. It’s your friend/family member/frenemy’s wedding, and you have seven million other colors chilling in your closet anyway. So just be cool and choose something else. And while you’re at it, you should probably back away from that flower crown. And if you’re even thinking about wearing a tiara, well, we’re not friends anymore.” — Melissa Coker
“I get it. Your friend’s super cool; her wedding’s on the beach/in a barn/in Canada. But c’mon—it’s not cute and casual. It’s just bad manners. Wearing jeans to a wedding is like Paris Hilton’s attempts at pop music. It offends everyone.” — Melissa Coker
“If it looks like something Jennifer Lopez would wear on tour, it’s probably out of bounds for your colleague’s wedding.” — Melissa Coker
“Some people are like, Black = sad death—you’re a jerk while other people are like, Stop being so old-fashioned—black is cool and for modern chic types. It’s hard to say who is right, and it probably depends on the type of wedding you’re going to and what the groom and bride are all about. So, unless you’re making a statement and crashing your ex’s nuptials, it’s probably better to play it safe and go for color.” — Melissa Coker
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