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This Handy Chart Will Settle Which Sunglass Shape Is Right for You


Every vacation shopping list should consist of a few crucial items: a super-flattering bikini; cute, comfy sandals; and, most importantly, sunglasses. First and foremost, the simple accessory is practical, but it's also key for mastering summer style. A great pair of sunglasses can make a good outfit great (and take an #ootd shot up a notch too). But what are the best sunglasses for your face shape? We've got the answer.

We're proponents of the idea that the "right" shades are ones that add an instant boost of confidence. But there are certain styles that are ideal for different face shapes. Whether your face is round-, oval-, square-, or heart-shaped, we're breaking down the sunglasses best suited to your face shape. Factors like size, shape, and roundness are major keys to remember, so make sure to read up! Read on to see each style and to shop our favorite picks.

A heart-shaped face is widest at the forehead and narrower at the jaw. Sunglasses with a similar ratio compliment your face best, so look for styles like Wayfarers, cat eyes, or rimmed frames—these will be the best sunglasses for you.
An oval face shape is longer than it is wide, with balanced features and a narrowing toward the jaw. Round, oversize frames are most flattering. For the best sunglasses for an oval face, also pay attention to proportion and avoid frames that are too small for your face.
A round face shape is widest across your cheeks and tapers slightly at the forehead and jawline. To help balance the roundness, and find the best sunglasses for you, choose angular frames and avoid anything too rounded.
Your jawline, cheekbones, and forehead are fairly even in width, and you have a strong jaw. Stick to rounded sunglasses with soft lines, and avoid anything too angular—these are the best styles for a square face.
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