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This Flattering Trend Makes Every Outfit Better


As you already know, fashion girls still can't get enough of bell-sleeve tops, and we're happy to report that the trend is perhaps even more flattering than that other enduring shirt trend: off-the-shoulder tops (still popular, like it or not). What makes dramatic bell-sleeve tops so flattering is the voluminous fabric at the wrists, which balances out the arms and makes them look slimmer in comparison. Not only that, but they instantly make any outfit feel fresh, interesting, and almost ethereal.

Brands and retailers have been fully committed to the trend for the past couple of years. The bell-sleeve look, which was once reserved for flowy Bohemian tops and dresses, now feels much more sophisticated, and wide bell sleeves can even be found adorning structured tops. And unlike off-the-shoulder tops, you can even wear bell-sleeve tops to the office and other conservative affairs, as well as for a night out. So basically, you can wear them just about anywhere (although we'd advise against wearing them to an Italian restaurant for obvious reasons).

Read on to shop some of our favorite bell-sleeve tops on the market right now.

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