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This Eye-Catching Jewelry Trend Is Having a Major Comeback


Listen, we could go on and on about the number of jewelry trends that have been popping up on our radars lately. From seashell-inspired pieces to classic, everyday minimalism, there’s thankfully now a jewelry style for every type of fashion girl in the book. But if you’re looking for a trend that will work for your every day and stand out from your daintier pieces, gemstone jewelry is exactly what you’ll want.

Though there was a clear shift away from colorful gemstones to diamonds and simpler metal pieces, we’ve noticed a newfound craving and official return to the gemstone trend. As a popular trend in ’90s and early ’00s, stones such as sapphire, ruby, and opal were typically worn as birthstones. And let’s be honest: Who doesn’t love even the slightest bit of personalization—even if it’s as minor as your birth month? This time around, the trend appears to be in reaction to the popularity of minimalist and sculptural pieces, adding an extra flair to any ensemble. See what we mean below, with our favorite gemstone pieces to wear on the regular.

Just enough statement without being over-the-top.
Wear this with your simple ruby ring.
We love how beautiful emerald looks in the light.
Opal is just so gorgeous.
You'll get so many compliments on this.
So dainty.
You'll love wearing these.
These will look so good on you.
A sapphire ear cuff is so luxurious.
This pendant is so cool.
These are definitely a conversation starter.
Yes, you need this heart-shaped ring.
Add this to your jewelry collection.
Wear these for your formal events.
You'll want to wear these all the time.
This is so pretty.
Wear this every day.
You can't go wrong with one of these.
These are so fun.

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