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The Trends We're Seeing All Over Paris Right Now

Street Style

While we always have our focus on the runways at Paris fashion week to get a firsthand look at the trends emerging for next season, the street style scene also captures our attention in a big way and allows us to see what fashion girls are wearing at this very moment. And really, there’s no better place than Paris to spot the coolest outfit trends happening right now. This week, we saw some fresh takes on style, with bright colors and experimental accessories among the bold statement-making pieces we spotted. Here’s an outline of the Parisian street style trends we saw at fashion week.

Slouchy, wide-leg pants were popular at fashion week. This carried over with everything from trousers to denim.
Bright, cheerful colors were present on the street, with pastel shades like mint green, canary yellow, and icy blue among the favorites.
Long skirt or dress hemlines over boots composed the outfit silhouette repeated all week long.
Chunky, puffed-up "dad" sneakers are showing no signs of losing popularity. Versions from Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton in particular were ubiquitous.
Everything from edgy vinyl pants to sleek patent trench coats was rampant in Paris.
The hue of the season, purple shades from lilac to lavender to amethyst ruled the street style scene.
One of the biggest trends on the runways was '80s power dressing, and outfits from the street style scene followed suit.
Not only is this a fun trend that can be worn at any time of the year, but it's also super affordable. You can pop over to CVS for a $2 version to try it out.
Combat boots are making a return in a huge way. Whether it's cult classics from Dr. Martens or luxe versions from The Row, the shoes are the perfect counterpoint to more elevated pieces.
One trend fashion girls aren't getting tired of? Denim on denim. It still feels fresh and cool.
These were the shoes on the feet of every editor and influencer. A little crystal adds an elegant touch to any outfit.
Colorful gloves spotted on runways like Chanel, but perhaps more surprisingly, they were also a big hit on the street style scene. Take a styling note from this one and match them to your bag.

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