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The Summer Accessory That Can Be Worn a Dozen-Plus Ways

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During the winter, scarves serve an undeniable purpose: They protect your neck from the cold and give you something cozy to burrow your face in while you fight through frosty winds.

In the summer? Well, not so much. But don't let that deter you from making the accessory a staple of your summer styling routine—and most of all, don't take the term "neck scarf" too literally. Along with the ever-versatile bandana, lightweight scarves in silk or cotton invite you to get a little bit creative with how you wear them: Wrap them around a bag or a ponytail, jazz up a pair of simple sandals, or thread them through your belt loops for a less expected look.

For inspo, we're partial to trawling the Instagram feed of L.A.-based scarf brand Donni Charm (gingham! stripes! chambray!) along with posts from some of our favorite European bloggers, whose ability to tie a scarf just so seems to be practically a birthright. And we're not the only ones looking for fresh ideas. According to recent data from Pinterest, searches for "ankle bandana" are up 225% from this time last year, while searches for "wrist bandana" are up 275%.

Conclusion? There are (literally!) dozens of ways to wear a summer scarf or bandana and even more very, very cute styles to shop right now. Below we've rounded up 13 ideas to get you started.

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Classic, preppy red-and-white stripes go with just about everything.
Zara knows that two scarves are better than one.
The chevron print is super subtle, and the length makes this one a good choice if you want to try styling it as a belt.
Scandinavian girls are all about this brand, founded by blogger-turned-designer Elin Kling.
Fans collect Madewell's bandanas season after season, and it's not hard to see why.
We'd say to wear this to a garden party, but it's already right there in the name.
This brand has mastered the rock-star skinny scarf. Scoop one up while it's on sale.
This one has a vintage vibe you can dress up or down.
Naturally, Marimekko's florals are in a league of their own.
Style with your biggest pair of tinted sunglasses for peak '70s appeal.
Perfect with an white button-down and high-waisted jeans.
It has the Kate Moss stamp of approval—what more could you want?
Summer essentials: Lemonade (the album), lemonade (the drink), and this lemon scarf.
Make like a Gucci girl and pile on the accessories.
A simple solid for easing your way into the trend.
Pretty in pink (plus a paper airplane print).

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