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The Spring Shoes We're Already Getting Compliments On

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We've never been more ready to swap our winter boots out for a pretty pair of spring shoes. Although the season has barely begun, we've been talking about spring shoe trends for months, so are you surprised that we've already been wearing (or at least buying) them? And we're here to share with you the spring shoes we get compliments on (we, meaning us Who What Wear editors).

There's perhaps no greater affirmation that a purchase was a successful one than a compliment, and we're proud to say that some of our spring shoe purchases have already received high praise, meaning we'll be wearing them on repeat this season. And as a testament to how different our aesthetics are, our picks run the gamut from kitten heels with an edge to slouchy yellow boots. Feel free to copy us by shopping our picks below—we're confident that you'll get compliments too. 

"These aren't new to the brand for spring, but I just got a pair and they look just absolutely lovely with a floral prairie dress. The color is super rich in person, and they're 50% off!"—Kat Collings
Available in sizes 6 to 11.
"I think these shoes are the perfect unfussy sandals that go with everything. The velvet straps are super comfortable and the pastel pink color feels perfect for spring, so they are pretty much a win-win."—Erin Fitzpatrick
Available in sizes 35 to 41.
"I got these on a recent trip to Paris and I have worn them pretty much every night out since. They're the perfect height for those not-casual-but-not-formal outings, and the knit material makes them spring-approved despite being black ankle boots."—Nicole Akhtarzad
Only available for purchase in boutiques.
"To be fair, it’s been a little too cold to wear any spring shoes yet in NYC but this pair is so fun, I have them waiting in their box ready to break out at the first sign of warm weather. The unique bungee detail ankle strap, the low, pop-of-blue heel—I’m obsessed."—Gina Marinelli
Available in sizes 36 to 41.
"These white platform Dr. Martens have been my saving grace so far this spring. They are nostalgic but also different enough to warrant tons of compliments. Plus I literally wear them with everything."—Lauren Eggertsen
Available in sizes 5 to 10.
"I'm on a vintage mules kick right and I always find the best logo/throwback options on The Real Real. I'm particularly eyeing these Gucci heels right now."—Michelle Scanga
Available in size 6.
"These are basically the antithesis of winter and I think that's why people have been so quick to notice them. The pom-poms might have something to do with it too..."—Allyson Payer
Available in sizes 5 to 11.
"I'm one of those year round ankle boot people and these ones are particularly special and cool. Sock boots finished in satin with crystal embellishments? So many things to love about these."—Kristen Nichols
Available in sizes 35 to 40.5.
"I'm a low heel (or no heel) kind of person, so I fell in love with the ways these slingbacks take full advantage of the few inches they do provide, toeing the line between a simple pair of heels and a modern art piece."—Anna LaPlaca
Available in sizes 6 to 9.5.
"While it's still too cold for anything open-toed in New York, breaking out Nicole Saldana's colorful loafers (with socks) has been my form of seasonal rebellion."—Aemilia Madden
Available in sizes 36 to 41.

We wish you a season full of shoe compliments, too.

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