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The Spring Shoes I Wear Nearly Every Single Day


The shoes are from this super under-the-radar brand you've probably never heard of before—Dr. Martens. I actually just bought my first pair of Docs when I moved to New York last year, ultimately convincing myself that trendy patent leather boots would be a good alternative to legit snow boots (and I was right). Fast-forward to spring 2018, and I instantly fell in love with the white platform version for more reasons than one. Okay, yes, Gilda Ambrosio wore them with the Nina Ricci outfit of my dreams and I try to copy everything Gilda does, but that's not the only reason I bought them—I promise. I'm not a super "frilly" girl, nor am I a huge sneaker person. This leaves me in a pickle when it comes to spring dressing, as the florals and billowy silhouettes can sometimes be a lot for me. That's where the Dr. Martens come in—they balance out my vibe and cut down the time it takes for me to get ready. Again, because I wear them nearly every single day.

When I say I wear these shoes with everything, I really mean it. I wear them with jeans and a T-shirt, frilly dresses, printed skirts, and even with leggings (when I forget my tennis shoes post-Pilates). In fact, I personally can't think of an outfit I wouldn't wear these with inside the context of spring 2018. This season's hottest trends include pastels, checks, suits, and lots of ruffles. Pair any of those with white lace-up boots and you'll have a spring outfit that's both forward and functional. Below I've included some shots of me wearing my new favorite spring shoes as well as a plethora of other white lace-up boot options for your shopping pleasure. Trust me—this purchase will be your saving grace this spring, as it's already been mine.

Available in sizes 10-14.
Available in sizes 35-42.
Available in sizes 6 to 11.
Available in sizes 36 to 41.
Available in sizes 7 to 9.5.
Available in sizes 36 to 41.

Hopefully, I have convinced you that these spring shoes will save your life this season. If not, check out some of the other shoe trends we're loving this spring.

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