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The Shirts Celebrities Love to Wear With Leggings


Leggings are an extremely versatile item of clothing as they can take you from the gym to dinner and back again. Now, throwing on said leggings is the easy part, but figuring out what to put on top can often prove challenging. To help ease your legging styling journey along, we rounded up images of the shirts, jackets, and more that celebrities love to wear with leggings. Whether you're actually going to work out or are simply tired of wearing jeans, you're in luck because the shirts to wear with leggings are most likely styles you already have hanging in your closet. We know—great news, so take advantage of the go-to leggings outfit ideas ahead.

Logo T-Shirts: Take any logo graphic T-shirt and use it to add some streetwear inspiration to your average athleisure look.
Hoodies + Coats: When temperatures drop, opt for a hoodie as your go-to shirt. Layer a coat on top for extra warmth.
Crop Tops: Whether you're headed to a barre class or simply want to show off your favorite pair of high-rise leggings, crop tops can often act as the most flattering legging counterpart around.
Long-Sleeve Graphic Tees: Update any pair of cult-classic leggings like these three-striped Adidas ones with a cool graphic T-shirt. Slinging a fanny pack like a crossbody doesn't hurt either.
Ribbed Camisoles: Both figure-flattering, texture-bearing, and easily layerable, ribbed camisoles are the perfect alternative to a basic tee when you want to dress up your leggings just a tad more than usual.
Plaid Flannels: Talk about throwback grunge—flannels are the go-to shirt celebrities wear with leggings, whether it's while out to lunch or over their sports bra post-gym. Throw on your favorite combat boots and you have yourself an outfit.
Sporty Bombers: Sometimes, we need our jackets to act as shirts should our basic tank not really be cutting it, and this look proves buttoning a sporty bomber jacket all the way up will do just the trick. 
Simple Tank: Let's get real—leggings are considered a basic wardrobe item, and there's no shame in treating them like so. For those days when you simply need to get from point A to point B without looking frumpy, an all-black tank and legging situation will do just fine.
Sports Bras: If you want to treat your sports bra as a top after an intense workout, we won't stop you. So long as you add intentional accessories and potentially a light jacket, your stomach-baring look will look like an intentional outfit in no time.
Basic Sweatshirt: Tie it around your waist, sling it over your shoulders, or wear it as is, but when it comes to leggings, basic sweatshirts are their best friends.

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