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The Question Everyone in Fashion Is Asking Themselves This Week

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We're all very familiar with asking "who are you wearing?" and "where did you get that?" when it comes to matters of beautiful fashion. But this week, UK-based nonprofit Fashion Revolution is urging style lovers—make that, anyone who wears clothing—to beg the question "who made my clothes?"

Having kicked off this past Monday, the collaborative organization of designers, consumers, policymakers, and more have dubbed the week Fashion Revolution Week. According to them, it's a massive push to bring transparency to exactly how our clothing is made and at what cost. This comes especially timely, as April 24 also marked the five-year anniversary since the Rana Plaza tragedy, which claimed the lives of over a thousand garment workers who were operating within inhumane conditions.

Of course, it's not uncommon to feel far removed from how and exactly who is responsible for the things we wear on our backs. But it doesn't have to be—and really shouldn't be—thanks to this initiative. According to Fashion Revolution's site, it's urging consumers to reach out to the brands and designers they love directly. "When you demand, they listen," the site reads. Visit the site to let your voice be heard today and watch the video made in honor of Fashion Revolution Week below for further inspiration.

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