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The One Bag Trend Everyone Is Buying on eBay Now

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I don't know about you, but I'm never shy to admit when I find an amazing steal on eBay. The site's selection is vast, to say the least, so I wear it as a badge of honor when someone compliments me on something I found on eBay. And thanks to a eBay's new spring shopping report, I know I'm definitely not alone as an avid user of the site.

"On eBay, millions of fashion transactions happen each day, providing us with an exclusive glimpse at the styles real people are wearing and buzzing about right now,” said Bradford Shellhammer, eBay's head of browse, engagement, and personalization, in a statement. Now that's a lot of data. 

One of our favorite insights we gleaned from the report: the micro bag trend is blowing up on eBay right now. "December 2017 sales for micro purses increased 38 percent year-over-year, and in the months between September 2017 and January 2018, shoppers purchased 2000 more micro purses than top-handle bags," the press release stated. Do you own a teeny-tiny bag yet? If not, it's probably time to jump on board.

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