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The NYFW Show Where the Front Row and Runway Were Equally Epic


Welcome to Runway Matters, where we're delivering notes straight from the runway so you can quickly digest the most important trends and noteworthy moments from the F/W 18 shows.

Some may argue that a 10-year anniversary for a fashion brand calls for a celebration that’s 10 times bigger than what they’ve done in the past. We’d venture to guess that Christian Siriano is one of those people. While his shows have always been a major draw in the years past—for the made-for-the-red-carpet creations, celebrity front row, and lineup of models who represent women (and men) of all sizes, ethnicities, and backgrounds—it all culminated at New York’s Masonic Hall with a packed crowd and a runway filled with all the drama and glamour one could hope for.

From the opening look on modern-day icon Ashley Graham to dresses that had us thinking of Oscar night to a beautiful roundabout finale walk by the models with The Cranberries’ “Dreams” playing in the background, it’s hard to narrow down the highlights. We did our best with the five below.

We can't speak about a Christian Siriano show without talking about the designer’s approach to casting. His runway—as well as many aspects of how he does business—celebrates all women and aims to have them all feel as elegant and extravagant as they want. Sure the runways of fashion week might be primarily about the industry and the clothes, but somehow Siriano always makes it feel like it’s about the woman, too. Well, women.

There were plenty of familiar faces on the runway for Siriano, but you may not have recognized one. That is, unless you’ve seen his family album. Siriano cast his sister, Shannon, to walk in his 10th-anniversary runway show, as well.

Truthfully, it's very hard to pick just one from the show. But something about the sparkle of this dress—trust us, it's like walking Kira Kira—made us feel like it could be a special contender for the red carpet.

If you’ve never been to a runway show before, let us assure you: When the models are walking, the audience is often quiet. Not cheering or clapping, no matter how amazing the garment. But that does not apply to Siriano’s shows. When the crowd sees a gorgeous dress, spots a celebrity, or wants to recognize the beautiful diversity seen on the runway, you hear it. It’s loud, it’s infectious, and it’s wonderful. Naturally, the surprise appearances of Danielle Brooks and Selma Blair caused quite a ruckus.

When you have Graham, Brooks, and Blair walking a runway, you’d think your eyes would be fixed on their every move (they were). But we’d be remiss to mention the internal struggle not to watch the front row as well, which included so many amazing women and Siriano supporters, including Cardi B, Whoopi Goldberg, Laverne Cox, Coco Rocha, and more.

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