The Most Popular Color Combinations for a Spring Wedding – M & S
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The Most Popular Color Combinations for a Spring Wedding

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Whether you’re attending one or several ceremonies this year, wedding season is upon us. From romantic beachside “I dos” to the royal wedding we’re all waiting for, you won’t be able to escape wedding talk this time of the year. I personally have three weddings in under two months I’m attending, so I reached out to my fellow editors to gain some outfit inspiration and find out the most popular spring wedding color combinations.

When it comes to dressing for a wedding, you don’t have to stick with simple and subtle combos, as from unexpected bold hues to perfect pastels, our editors are reminding you to lean into your creative side the next time you look for a dress or jumpsuit for #weddingseason. See the vibrant spring wedding color combinations fashion girls are favoring now.

“Yellow is totally winning me over this spring, and it’s one of the only colors that makes me want to stray from my typically neutral palette, especially since black is out of the question for wedding attire. Plus I just love the fresh look of crisp white accessories against a floaty yellow dress.”

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“I feel like this year, I’m finally venturing into brighter colors than I have in a while. I love the idea of pairing a creamsicle orange (like this sheer top) with a surprising contrast.”

“My 5-year-old self would’ve been very happy that both lavender and pink are everywhere this spring, so I’m embracing it.”

“Pink and yellow! This Zara outfit has me so inspired that I’m seriously praying that my next wedding invite comes with an attire that will allow me to wear it.”

“For spring weddings, I usually go with my tried-and-true floral dresses, but I want to try something new and different. I think this yellow-and-white striped dress feels so fresh and fun right now, and it makes me want to buy everything yellow!”

“I’m into color combos that I used to think looked silly or strange together. Enter watermelon chic! Fuchsia and bright green is such a fun color combination.”

“I never thought I would say this, but green is the only color I want to wear right now (I recently started experimenting with the shade). It’s fresh and fun and perfect for a wedding when you want to wear something upbeat and a little bit different.”

“I am loving any color combination that incorporates multiple pastel hues. Pastels are a huge trend this season, and I’m embracing it full-force.”

“I’m really into mixing pops of pastels right now or candy-colored hues for a pretty spring vibe. I particularly enjoy these baby yellow heeled sandals with the PVC strap.”

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