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The Massive Sale I'm Shopping With Absolutely No Restraint


When you are presented with discounted designers like Collina Strada, Acne Studios, and Maryam Nassir Zadeh, absolutely no restraint is right. I'm going to come right out and say it—Need Supply's massive summer sale is my favorite of the season. Some of the more coveted designers in the industry are finally marked down to prices that don't make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, and folks, that's what we call a fashion miracle.

Ahead, shop the pieces from the Need Supply sale that I currently have my eye on. Since there is so much to choose from, narrowing it down was rather difficult, but I think you'll like my selections, as I included puff-sleeve tops and dresses, colorful shoes, and statement outerwear. Ready for some good old sale shopping?

An upgrade to your current denim jacket. Available in size 36.
Cinderella would approve of these. 
The easiest way to wear neon.  Available in size M. 
For your everyday runaround needs. 
You don't even need to justify this one. Available in sizes S to L. 
Everyone's current closet staple.
Yes, puff sleeves are here to stay.  Available in sizes 36 to 38. 
You can never own too many white sneakers. 
Both work- and play-appropriate.  Available in sizes 36 to 38. 
A perfect shade of blush.  Available in sizes S to L. 
The statement piece you've been meaning to add to your wardrobe.  Available in size 40. 
Meet your new favorite earrings. 
The It print of the season couldn't be fiercer if it tried.  Available in sizes 3 to 4. 
It's like you can feel the coziness through the screen.  Available in size L. 
Your feet will thank you. 
The ultimate balloon-sleeved dress.  Available in size 6. 
A perfect match for any LBD. 
Winter is coming…. Available in sizes 1 to 2. 
Take a break from your skinny jeans.  Available in size 25. 
We still have seven weeks left of summer—you need this.  Available in sizes M to L. 

Next up, shop the denim trend that's taking over fall 2018

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