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The Jeans Everyone Is Wearing in NYC Right Now


I have no shortage of denim in my closet. In fact, I tend to wear denim at least three or four times a week and always have a sizable collection of jeans on rotation. While my denim tastes often change over time, lately, I’ve been a diehard fan of straight-leg silhouettes and, more recently, started wearing a leopard-print pair. Leave it to the fashion set, though, to make me ready to shake things up again with some brand-new denim trends.

Over the last few days, I’ve spotted some great new jean trends on the cool fashion girls during New York Fashion Week, straight from the street style scene. As is typical of fashion-pack looks, it should come as no surprise that all of them are cool, fashion-forward, and a bit daring. Ahead, I’m breaking down the coolest new jean trends for fall, spotted on the streets of NYC, and my edit of the best pieces to wear the looks for yourself.

Expect to see this Balenciaga style all over Instagram.
Celebs like Kaia Gerber have been snapped wearing this style from I.Am.Gia.
Forty dollars to try the trend? We're in.
Baggy denim with a baggy tee? Yep.
Pointy heels are key.
Of course Zara has the perfect affordable pair.
The brand that made us fall in love with colored denim.
Into the red.
Green is all over the street style scene.
Saint Laurent has a pair high on this editor's wish list.
I've already picked up this pair and recently wore them.
Leopard is bold but always in style.
These have a cool vintage feel.
Cropped and perfect to wear with tall boots.
Topshop always delivers when it comes to the latest denim trends.

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