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The Coolest Top You Can Wear With Jeans Right Now


Of all the trends we're seeing flood our Instagram feeds—and, eventually, our shopping carts—this fall, the styles that win us over at the end of the day are those we can easily imagine wearing with our beloved denim. What can we say? When it comes to making practical shopping decisions, a good rule of thumb is Can I wear this with jeans? Because, well, denim is a classic, and that hardly needs explaining. What does need explaining, though, is how a wardrobe basic like a turtleneck that most would file away as "boring" suddenly became the coolest thing to style with jeans (or really, anything) right now.

I'm not sure who decided to make turtlenecks cool again, but whoever you are, I want to give you a hug because frankly, the layering piece is about to come in very clutch for all my fall and winter outfits. When I say turtlenecks are cool again, I'm talking about the influx of thin, usually mesh, turtlenecks that designers are offering up in an enticing array of prints. From graphic zebra to mod floral and even quirky flame print, turtlenecks these days are, in a word, lit. The fashion crowd's opinion on the matter is pretty unanimous, too, if the street style from fashion month is any indication of a trend's viability—which it is.

Ahead, shop the printed turtlenecks currently residing in my heart (but soon in my cart, too) and get inspired along the way by a few of my favorite outfits.

Neon + animal print. What more could you really want in a top this fall?
Show off the mesh sleeves by layering this one underneath a dress or T-shirt.
Tomorrow's outfit, sorted.
Preppy checkers in an un-preppy shape.
I'm getting chic lumberjack vibes.
Snag this Topshop piece the first chance you get.
Copy Lisa Aiken's above outfit.
These graphic florals are so fun.
Nail the prairie trend with this dainty floral print.
This takes "lit" to a whole new level.
I'm obsessed with this soft watercolor print.
If this doesn't get you into a cozy winter mood…
You'll be the life of the party.
The layering possibilities are endless.
Tuck this turtleneck tee into black jeans.

Now you're all set to wear fall's number one layering piece. Bring on the cooler weather.

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