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The Coolest Spring Layering Tricks You Haven't Tried Yet

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Layering an outfit for the beginning of spring weather is a constant struggle between Did I go far enough? and Did I go too far? Essentially, there’s a sweet spot in dressing for transitional weather (depending on your current climate, of course) and—good news—striking a perfect balance doesn’t have to stress you out.

Instead, we offer the 20 outfit ideas ahead. They’re a collection of cleverly piled on looks that help you break out the lighter pieces that have been hiding in storage while also being realistic about what the temperature outside reads. Click in and get inspired to piece together your own ensembles, perfect for wearing now and well after March 20 (aka the first day of spring this year).

If you're ready to ditch the tights you can still keep your upper body bundled. Better yet, do so using a cool, monochrome effect.
Even when wearing the lightest of jackets, play up the texture to keep your outfit looking lush (and to maintain a bit of warmth.)
Not warm enough to layer a tee under your dress? Grab a hoodie.
Keep the buttons of your button-down loose for a relaxed fit over a tissue-thin turtleneck.
Allow those frilled sleeves to peek from your blazer arm holes. Can't do that with an oversize winter coat, can you?
Dress over jeans: The ultimate transitional-weather duo.
And feel free to add a turtleneck, if need be, too.
If it's not quite warm enough to wear just a suit, sandwich it between a ribbed top and sleek trench.
Break out the mini skirts! But keep on a maxi coat, just in case of a chill.
Another alternative to a dress layering piece? A crisp, collared button-down.
We spy a light anorak with our little eye.
But if your rather wear a windbreaker on top, let a pretty, draped blouse peek out underneath.
Goodbye chunky scarves. Hello silk.
In combinations you can wear immediately, try this leather-and-cashmere pairing.
One classic tailored coat may not be enough. Try two.
Your going-out top looks extra special in the middle of a Canadian tuxedo.
A silky dress may be a bit too breezy, but layering a pencil skirt atop will help with that.
Switch up your average track suit ensemble with a cool, oversize trench.
It's not quite a new move, but a turtleneck is always an option when it's definitely not cold enough for a scarf anymore.
Another hoodie. Another tailored outfit made cooler with it styled in there.

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