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The Black Ankle Boots We Wear on Repeat

As someone who personally owns at least 12 versions of the style, I can honestly say there are few items that come close to doing what black ankle boots do for a wardrobe. Whether they’re high-heeled, flat, low-heeled, platform, or (as in my case) all of these and more, get yourself a good pair and you’ll have one less thing to think about when getting dressed every day.

If you’ve yet to find the perfect black ankle boots for your own wardrobe, today we’re hoping to help by sharing the ones we wear on repeat. From editor Allyson Payer’s go-to pair by Acne Studios to Editor in Chief Kat Collings’s attractively priced Who What Wear collection pick, we have something for a range of styles and budgets. Keep scrolling to see which picks made the cut.

“I’ve been wearing these Acne Studios Chelsea boots in black grained leather for the past few years and am convinced that I’ll never buy another style again. They’re so comfortable and sturdy and hardly show any wear. I love them so much that I couldn’t resist buying them in white as well. Worth every penny.”
Available in sizes 5 to 10.
“I have a pair of patent leather black ankle boots that I bought on a whim a few years ago, and they’ve become my go-to ankle boots. I wear them with everything from cropped jeans to printed skirts; they’re just great. Below is a similar style.”
Available in sizes 35 to 41.
“This was actually a toss-up between the ones I went with and these newer ones by The Row, but if I had to choose the ones I’ve gotten the most use out of, it had to be the pair below by Saint Laurent. I bought them (literally) five years ago, and not only have they worn out perfectly such that they still look acceptable to wear, but they still feel current, which I can’t say for many things I bought as long ago.”
Available in sizes 5 to 12.
“I walked about 10 miles a day in these while traveling this winter in Japan and had zero blisters. Plus, the price makes it completely acceptable to buy two pairs.”
Available in sizes 6 to 11.
“This pair is my way of trying out the cowboy boot trend with a more modern take on Western style. The metal studs make them feel special enough to wear from day to night, so they’ve quickly become the only pair of black boots I wear these days.”
Available in sizes 6 to 10.
“These M.Gemi boots are comfortable enough to walk in all day, a prerequisite for footwear since I’m constantly running around NYC all day every day.”
Available in sizes 35 to 42.
“I found the suede version of these guys at a UAL in New Orleans—so random. I was beyond excited because they were a fraction of the price, meaning I couldn’t resist. I love how simple they are while still having that fashion-girl edge with the crooked heel. Truly, I wear them nonstop, which is probably why I get them re-soled so often.”
Available in sizes 35 to 41.
“These are my favorite ankle boots of all time. Not only are they supremely comfortable (the perfect option for running about in the city), but they’re also incredibly versatile. Their simple and stylish design transitions from day to night seamlessly, and they work with everything from breezy dresses to maxi skirts and jeans. Plus they’re the perfect size heel. I wore them every day on a recent trip to London with zero blisters in sight! Tip: Be sure to seal the suede before hitting the streets so you don’t end up with scuffed fabric.”
Available in sizes 5 to 11.
“I’m on a ’90s kick right now, and that includes a return to combat boots. This version from The Row is sleek and streamlined and goes with anything from tailored trousers to long floral dresses.”
Available in sizes 6 to 12.

There you have it—so many options for your next boot shopping trip.

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