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The 8 Trends Everyone's Talking About


Fashion month is (finally) over, and per usual, between the runways and the street style, there was a lot to digest. Yes, the trends designers sent out for the following season are vital, but it's the street style trends that we gravitate to with an odd sense of urgency. Seeing fashion insiders and influencers sporting the latest and greatest product stirs up a wardrobe motivation inside us unlike any other. And we're ready to tell you all about the trends that had everyone talking during fashion month across the globe. 

In order to get the inside scoop on the street style trends that reigned supreme this season, we tapped the experts at Net-a-Porter. The infamous fashion powerhouse pulled the trends that were spotted the most across New York, London, Paris, and Milan fashion weeks. We're talking the crème de la crème of street style brought to you by the crème de la crème of shopping destinations. Could you ask for a better resource for the trends everyone's talking about? Because we can't. 

Coats, coats, and more coats were expectedly spotted all throughout fashion month considering temperatures were low. This year, however, the coats had one common theme—extraordinary textures. Between colorful faux fur, shiny vinyl, and soft leather, the outerwear this season screamed "touch me" to everyone who encountered it.

Checks and plaids have been the trend for a couple of seasons now, but that doesn't mean the style is tired by any means. Fashion insiders breathed new life into this beloved trend by way of statement coats, bags, and tailored separates. Now it's your turn.

Pastels are a spring trend that can't be ignored. From the street style set to the runways, this collection of muted hues is shining brighter than ever before. Not sure how to pull off the trend? Take a cue from the experts above for some inspiration. 

There have been a lot of crazy bag trends lately, but the most recent one takes us to a safer place, a neutral place. Neutral handbags are officially a "trend," which makes us all let out a little sigh of relief as we begin to invest in carryalls we can actually carry with all our outfits.

Another trend that has yet to kick the bucket? White shoes. Street style stars took a particular liking to the trend, wearing them with everything from colored tights to suits and back again, ultimately proving the versatility of this (soon to be timeless?) shoe trend.

Borrowed from the boys or reclaimed by the woman? We'll go with the later. Ladies marched all over New York, London, Paris, and Milan wearing suits like the bosses they are. Between the checks, sorbets, and pinstripes, there's a lot to fall in love with when it comes to this tailored trend.

The biggest athleisure trend this winter was hands down sporty puffers. Brands across the board have been churning out puffy outerwear fit for the practical and trend-obsessed girl at heart. Whether you're looking to invest in a classic brand like Moncler or have been itching for Balenciaga anything, trust us, there's a puffer that fits your needs.

We'd like to wrap up this street style trend report with the resurrection of the classic trench. No, the style itself wasn't necessarily resurrected, but the cool-factor of the trench was, and that's something to write home about. Either pull out the trench coat you have stuffed in your closet somewhere or shop the ones below because the trench is officially the talk of the town.

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