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The 6-Piece Fall Capsule Modest Dressers Swear By


By now we’ve talked quite a bit about fall style. We’ve shared everything from the key trends to try if you want to make timeless investments to which pieces are blowing up on Instagram at the moment. But trends aside, we wanted to dig into what really makes up a fall wardrobe and highlight those pieces that have come to be the backbone of our closets this time of year. In my opinion, no one embodies cool and consistent style better than girls like Noor and Maria—two modest fashion influencers whose outfits I regularly copy.

From their ultimate layering tricks to their key silhouettes, their modest outfits never compromise killer style, even for a second. As is my nature, I asked each of them to share the pieces they swear by for nailing fall style that's both current and true to themselves. Sure, the following capsule includes a good number of layering pieces that can easily be incorporated into any look, but you'll also find some of the coolest tailoring and standout colors.

Whether or not you dress modestly, I think everyone needs these six pieces in their life for whenever they want to add a little polish to their overall look. Keeping reading if you want to look just as good and see their modest outfits for fall.

"Chunky knits are always a fall staple, but this season, I'm into chunky knit cropped cardigans. I love that they're loose but then cinch in a little at the waist so you're not just drowning in knits. You can wear them over a band tee during the day or over a turtleneck at night to stay warm. They look amazing with high-waisted pants or jeans, and you'll also be super comfortable, which is always the move." — Noor Elkhaldi
High-waisted trousers are the best alternative to jeans for really any season, but especially for fall because they're tailor-made for tucking in sweaters.
One word: layering. Whether you wear one underneath tanks and dresses or jackets, you should always have several versions on hand.
Any lover of ankle boots will know that when fall rolls around, midi skirts hit at the ideal length.
Also available in more sizes.

Now you're all set to look cool and polished this season.

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