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The 25 Best Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time


Celebrities: They’re just like us! They, too, revel in the fun that is dressing up for Halloween, and each year the costumes seem to get more extravagant. From the downright creative (Katy Perry as Jane from Daria) to over-the-top glamorous (we’re looking at you, Heidi Klum), we present our favorite famous trick-or-treaters. In other words, we give you the best celebrity Halloween costumes of all time. Go on to see the best celebrity Halloween costumes from over the years.

WHO: Gigi Hadid. WHAT: This is potentially the best Sandy-from-Grease interpretation we’ve ever seen.
WHO: Lauren Conrad. WHAT: This adorable Minnie Mouse costume has us hoping the designer actually made her matching dress and bow.
WHO: Chrissy Teigen. WHAT: The model’s hilarious interpretation of Toddlers & Tiaras­ earns her the covetable title of Ultimate Grand Supreme.
WHO: Heidi Klum. WHAT: Heidi is known for not only throwing the best annual Halloween parties but also executing the best costumes. Jessica Rabbit was her character of choice back in 2015.
WHO: Kendall Jenner. WHAT: While out and about in Los Angeles, Kendall opted for a sultry ode to fashion legend and icon Karl Lagerfeld.
WHO: Iggy Azalea. WHAT: Azalea’s high-fashion Cruella de Vil, complete with an actual Dalmatian, was spot-on.
WHO: Beyoncé. WHAT: Did anything else really matter the year that Beyoncé dressed up as a vintage Barbie?
WHO: Emma Roberts. WHAT: We love Roberts’s nod to her Aunt Julia in this Pretty Woman costume.
WHO: Gwen Stefani. WHAT: Once upon a time in Los Angeles, Stefani dressed up as Cinderella with the chicest accessories we’d ever seen.
WHO: Emily Ratajkowski . WHAT: Marge Simpson was definitely not an expected or overdone costume, but of course, Emily pulled it off like the true model she is.
WHO: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. WHAT: It’s hard to tell exactly what Huntington-Whiteley was going for here, but we give her major props for the flower crown and furry jacket. 
WHO: Julianne Hough. WHAT: Hough was a spitting image of beret-clad Bonnie of the outlaw duo Bonnie and Clyde.
WHO: Jennifer Lopez. WHAT: Has Jennifer Lopez ever looked bad in anything? The answer is no, and this skeleton look was no exception. (Here’s a skull makeup tutorial from our sister site Byrdie.)
WHO: Kim Kardashian West. WHAT: Kim made a big splash in her mermaid costume at the Midori Halloween party.
WHO: Katy Perry. WHAT: Is there anything more genius than Perry’s throwback to MTV’s Daria? The answer is no.
WHO: Paris Hilton. WHAT: The only thing missing from Hilton’s Miley Cyrus MTV VMAs costume was the giant foam finger.
WHO: Alessandra Ambrosio. WHAT: No detail was too small for Ambrosio’s Queen of Hearts costume.
WHO: Rita Ora. WHAT: This Poison Ivy look is one part Comic-Con, one part total bombshell. 
WHO: Imaan Hammam. WHAT: A killer Slash ensemble isn’t all that complicated to put together. 
WHO: Heidi Klum (and clones). WHAT: Need a clever group costume idea?
WHO: Cardi B. WHAT: Cardi takes a different approach to impersonating the Disney villain.
WHO: Kim Kardashian West and Jonathan Cheban. WHAT: Couples and BFFs, feel free to top this tribute to Sonny and Cher.
WHO: Chanel Iman. WHAT: Pretty and frightening in equal measure.
WHO: Jenna Dewan. WHAT: Not afraid of cleaning up lingering Halloween-night glitter? This magical unicorn look is perfect.

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