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The 2018 Way to Do Minimalist Dressing


Bold and minimalist may not be two words you'd usually place side by side, but with all the high-voltage pigment on the runways and streets this year, even the sleekest dressers can embrace a little color for spring.

While minimalists may inherently gravitate toward soft camels, creams, and neutrals, armed with the right inspiration, ultra-saturated reds, pinks, and blues can become part of a minimalist wardrobe too. The key is picking solid-color items in classic cuts, like a sleek coat or polished trousers. They're eye-catching, but there's nothing busy about them. 

While we're a fan of mixing and matching solid colors in unexpected ways, for those intimidated by bold hues, there are subtler ways to break into the trend. Try a statement bag or style a jewel-toned sweater with an otherwise all-black ensemble. Below, you'll find seven minimalist (but bright) looks we love, along with shopping to help you kick-start your new highly saturated wardrobe. 

Try contrasting colors like red and pink to stand out in a sleek way.
A classic white button down and wide-leg pants make for a cool combination.
Color head-to-toe is a great way to reimagine minimalism.
Add punch to an all-black outfit with a yellow bag.
A pop of red pairs well with neutrals. 
Mixing and matching bold hues can still feel sleek, just stick to more polished silhouettes.
Break up a color-blocked outfit with simple black accessories.
Style these polished trousers with a white tee. Available in sizes 14 to 20.
Orange looks unexpectedly good with neutrals.  Available in sizes XS to L.
 These pretty pumps are an easy choice. Available in sizes 6 to 11.
Style this bold blazer with sleek black pants. Available in sizes XS to L.
This sleek skirt would look great with a colorful turtleneck. Available in sizes 4 to 8.
Tie-waist trousers look great in color. Available in sizes 34 to 38.
Don't be afraid to try pink head-to-toe. Available in sizes S to L.
Ease into color with just a simple statement shoe.  Available in sizes IT35 to IT41.
Shades of blue look great on all skin tones. Available in sizes UK4 to UK14.
Try this bold skirt with a soft purple top. Available in sizes XS to M.
These bold boots look great with jeans. Available in sizes 4.5 to 11.5.
Belted trousers are a great choice for the office. Available in sizes S to M.

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