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The 10 Best Trends We Took From the '90s


Is it just us, or does it feel like the '90s are here to stay? The decade's trends have proven to have staying power, proving their relevance over and over again. In fact, sometimes we wear things without even realizing that they're referencing a decade that feels nostalgic to so many of us despite not being that far in the past, relatively speaking. So whether you're going to a '90s-themed party or simply paying tribute to the iconic decade in your everyday attire, let these 10 trends guide you to re-creating an authentic look.

The '90s made simplicity such a popular stylistic choice. Less was literally more. Clean lines and pared-back cuts became stylish, as illustrated by Cindy Crawford's tube top paired with simple strap heels. The strapless top is the ideal '90s-era going-out piece.
Okay, it's hard to argue for this cult-classic wardrobe essential as a hallmark of one decade alone, but can you blame us for trying to pin the jacket on the '90s brand of grunge style? Truthfully, it was the only time where a star like Drew Barrymore could pull off wearing a leather moto with jeans and a tee on the red carpet. So if you're trying to create the most authentic '90s-era look out of pieces you already own, this look is your best bet.
When you think of the '90s, who was more iconic than Kate Moss? And there's no piece with more lasting style than the slip dress. Whether cut with a square neckline and spaghetti straps or trimmed with lace, the slip dress is a classic piece we're still wearing (quite unironically, I might add) today.
Classic slingback heels are never not chic, and thanks to the trend cycle, the '90s shoe style is back and better than ever, re-created in cool new designs for the current season.
Whether stacked one on top of another or worn as a single thin strand, choker necklaces are undeniably a product of the '90s grunge aesthetic, and they're the easiest way to reference the decade for a themed party.
Yes, we went there. Some may write scrunchies off as ugly, but we're here for the retro-cool hair accessory. They're the cheapest way to add a nostalgic touch to your look.
They're high-waisted, they're loose in the leg, and they're usually cuffed once or twice at the ankle. They're the mom jeans you know and love. Go full-on Winona Ryder status and wear the denim with a tucked-in graphic tee, a leather moto jacket, and combat boots.
Much like tube tops, triangle tops are one of those trickier-to-pull-off '90s trends that stars like Jennifer Aniston made look so good. Try out the look with a large silk scarf, or shop these cool printed versions from cult brand Réalisation.
The thin detail on tanks and dresses is another hallmark of the decade that put minimal style on everyone's radar. On slip dresses or mini tank tops, the detail is simple but so '90s.
From the decade that taught us "less is more" comes a literal lesson in paring back. It doesn't get any more nineties than the belly-baring combination of a low-rise skirt and a cropped top. While today we'd typically meet a cropped silhouette with high-waisted bottoms, this was the trendy styling trick back in the day.

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