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Split Skirts: How to Wear the Clothing Item You Didn't Know You Owned

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Did you know that culottes have been around since 1931? Did you also know that they used to be called "split skirts"? Crazy, I know, but it also makes a lot of sense. Think about it—culottes are shorter than pants but longer than shorts and are wider than your average trouser but are not a skirt for obvious reasons. Essentially, when you're standing with your legs together, it appears as though you are wearing a skirt, but when you start walking it becomes apparent you're just wearing really flowy pants. Hence the term "split skirts" was born. While the term "split skirts" is one we aren't quite comfortable with yet, it's one we can definitely get on board with since chances are you probably already have a few pairs of them hanging in your closet—you've just been calling them culottes. 

Although the pant style has been around for quite some time, figuring out exactly how to wear culottes or "split skirts" is something a lot of fashion girls struggle with, but not anymore. Per usual, when we are searching to find the answers to all our fashion dilemmas, we scour the feeds of our favorite fashion bloggers, and sure enough, they provide us with exactly what we were looking for. This time around, we needed to know exactly what to wear with culottes/split skirts in 2018, and what we found was better than what we'd hoped for.

Go on to find out how fashion girls are wearing their culottes and to shop their outfits in full.

Experiment with colors by pairing two different hues of the same color family together.
Add some texture to your culottes by way of a feminine lace trench coat. Throw on some pink suede pumps for extra flair.
Break up an all white look with a subtle gray turtleneck and strappy black sandals. You will still give off that crisp, fresh aesthetic while adding more interest overall.
Treat your culottes just like any go-to pair of jeans, and wear them with a festive graphic tee and block-heel pumps. The look will read casual and elevated.
Give your favorite pair of culottes some added edge with a boxy denim jacket and forward over-the-knee boots. While the Balenciaga ones might be our dream, any version of this boot style will instantly transform these classic pants.
On Taylr Anne: & Other Stories Straight Fit Button-Down Shirt ($55); Vince Crop Wide Pant ($145); By Far Valentina Grey Shoes ($271). Opt for a more relaxed style culotte for those days when you can barely get out of bed. Elevate the comfy ensemble a tad with a button-down shirt and some neutral sandals.
Available in sizes 2 to 26W.
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Now you can tell all your friends that your favorite pants are split skirts and they'll think you're 10 times cooler… or just a major fashion nerd. Both are wins in our book.

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