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So It's 40 Degrees Outside? Here's What to Wear

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When it comes to any climate that’s frigidly cold or swelteringly hot, what to wear seems very straightforward. It’s either as many layers as possible oras few. But somewhere around 40°F, things start to get murky. It’s cold—no doubt about it—but also bordering the transitional-weather season when people can start to get away with a lighter coat (and not a huge puffer over it) and even a flash of bare leg (a small one mind you).

So as the temps start to teeter between what’s considered winter and spring, take these looks into account if you find yourself wondering what the heck that really means for your wardrobe.

You might not need your heaviest coat when you swap it for a blazer in a lush fabric and pair a warm knit, as well.
A trench is always a great idea this time of year.
Keep winter accessories, like beanies and tall socks, in rotation even if a bit more skin is showing overall.
A full fuzzy coat might be too toasty, but accents give the same cozy look without overheating.
Start reintroducing skirts and bare legs back into your wardrobe, but just be sure to balance the rest with warm pieces.
And if that's still a bit too cold, over-the-knee boots will help.
Yes, now's a good time of year to drape a coat over your shoulders in case you find yourself a bit too warm with your arms in the sleeves.
The old jeans-and-tee combo is seasonless, but make sure to trade a tee for a turtleneck when temps reach the 40s.
Some days (possibly the cloudier ones) call for a puffer. To balance the super-warm look, pair with a pair of breezy wide-leg trousers.
Or you can just as simply belt a lighter puffy coat for a more defined silhouette.
It's definitely not considered spring when the weather is 40°F , but you can channel it in seasonal favorites like wide-leg pants and light color palettes. 
It's totally okay to skip any extra accessories and just let your colorful puffer jacket be the showpiece.
And a wool varsity jacket works just as well.
Bring on the spring vibes in a floral topper, even though you have several layers stashed beneath it.
It's not always obvious how much clothing you may need outside, so if one jacket doesn't seem like enough, sneak another beneath it (extra points for mixing prints, colors, etc.).

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