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So I'm Thinking About Buying 27 Items at Topshop Right Now—Sue Me


Sometimes I love shopping, but other times I truly dread it—both in store and online. I know this isn't necessarily what you would expect to hear from a Who What Wear editor, but I'm being transparent for a reason. When I find myself actually enjoying sifting through a specific retailer's new-in section, that really says something. Exhibit A: After spending too many hours perusing Topshop's website, I can confirm that its fall arrivals are top-notch, which is why I rounded up the 27 products currently sitting in my shopping cart. Don't worry, I'm not actually going to buy all 27, but I'll be honest; editing down the selection has proven to be quite difficult. I figured if I was lovingly struggling over the 27 perfect fall pieces from Topshop, you probably will too. Sorry not sorry, and happy shopping!

The easiest way to wear the zebra trend. 
If I don't own this ASAP, I don't know what I'll do.
Two of my trends in one. 
Meet my new going-out (and staying-in) bag.
Layer this piece with everything from oversize coats to think sweaters. 
A staple everyone must own at some point in their lives.
Wear this as a crop top for your next wild night on the town.
This is extra, but so am I. 
Western boots that aren't scary. 
A more modern way to wear this timeless material. 
Are these not the perfect vintage-inspired jeans? 
Embrace the leather trend and the '80s trend all in one. 
Because sometimes you need a little shine. 
BRB, swapping all my jeans for leopard pants this season. 
The definition of everyday cool.
Not your average teddy-bear coat. 
Anyone joining a chic bowling team? 
Wear these with festive socks for a fun fall look.
I told you, I can't get enough of animal print. 
Your sweaters will look great with these. 
Just the pop of color you need.
A polo shirt worth writing home about. 
Clearly this one is not for the faint of heart. 
These look so expensive. 
Not that I need another slip skirt, but maybe you do. 
Incorporate the western trend in more ways than one. 
This matching set is giving me life. 

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