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Proven: The Best Yoga Pants That Won't Cost You a Fortune


Yoga pants aren't just for when you're busy with Downward Dog. Leggings have slowly but surely made it to the mainstream, earning a spot as a weekend staple, gym favorite, and overall wardrobe hero. But as athleisure has taken over the fashion world, so have luxury leggings. Luckily, not every pair of yoga pants commands such a steep price tag.

Since just a few SoulCycle classes are likely to break the bank, we're here to help with a few of our favorite fitness leggings that are actually quite affordable. From classic black yoga pants to sportier styles with cutouts, mesh, and more, we're here to offer you the best of the best under $100. That way, you can spend your fall fitness budget on the classes you love and not what you wear during them.

Read on to shop 19 pairs of yoga pants that won't cost you a fortune. Namaste.

Head to the gym in these cool leggings.
Woud you dare to try the naked leggings trend?
You can never go wrong with simple black leggings.
Comfy and chic.
Easy and budget-friendly too.
Sporty and oh so cool.
Ballet-inspired tights that work for whatever you're up to.
Cutouts can be a fun way to mix things up.
Just the right hue for fall.
These leggings are great for off-duty errands.
Head to yoga in these cool leggings.
Don't be afraid to try a bit of color.
A little color-blocking sets these leggings apart.
Head out on a fall jog in these sporty leggings.
Cutouts keep you cool even after the toughest workout.
You'll be ready to break a sweat in style.
These cool leggings look great with bold sneakers.
Swap out standard black for navy to mix things up. Want more? These sneakers look great with leggings!

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