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Never Make This Mistake When You Wear Clashing Colors


One of the big trends we’re seeing on the street style scene right now is clashing colors. While it might sound hard to pull off, it’s surprisingly easy. The only rules for mastering this look? Skip subtle pieces and stick with bold statement items.

While a canary-yellow jacket and an oversize turquoise leather bag might not sound like they’d work together, they actually look modern and cool. On the other hand, a pair of hot-pink velvet trousers is the perfect mate to a voluminous tangerine top. If you need further proof, just look to the chic outfits fashion girls have been wearing.

Go on to see 14 ways to pull off clashing colors.

Try pairing yellow with purple—this season's It-color combination.
Try bold shades with more muted tones.
If in doubt, try vibrant hues.
One foolproof way to add in color is by wearing cool accessories.
Try one color in different hues.
Blue and yellow is always a winning combo.
Mix together different pastels.
When in doubt, add a pop of red.
We love this combination of yellow and burnt orange.
Pink and red might sound too saccharine, but it just works.
Match your sleeves to your shoes.
You can also mix clashing colors with two different prints.
The bolder, the better.
Who knew that yellow, orange, and pink could look so chic? Next, read about the heels fashion editors swear by.

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