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Match These Gucci Dogs to Your Friends

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Gucci is celebrating Chinese New Year next month with a capsule collection dedicated to the zodiac sign that symbolizes 2018: the dog. And while the collection's pieces themselves speak to a Year of the Dog theme, with canine faces splashed across the brand’s iconic logo on ready-to-wear pieces and jewelry, the true stars are the four-legged models that Gucci has cast.

Shot by Petra Collins, the images capture each sweet creature in the element that man’s and woman’s best friend deserves: bathed in pretty pink lighting, groomed, happy, essentially the full Gucci treatment. Honestly we can see a bit of ourselves in these models, who Gucci formally introduced us all to via Instagram. For instance, the cast includes a Maltese named Cotton who likes to be held, and a Brussels Griffon named Lois Lane whose weakness is cheese. Same, Lois.

Meet some of the new faces of Gucci ahead, then shop the collection on the brand's site come February 16.

Kyber may have landed a Gucci campaign but if he's not picked him up for a shampoo commercial, we'd be shocked.
Mailo looks like he knows all his angles and watched every episode of ANTM just to learn to smize. Of course that makes sense as Gucci shares he's actually an actor, most famous for his role in A Dog's Purpose. Can someone say seasoned vet?
Louis Lane loves cheese. And no, she doesn't want to hear about your Whole 30 meal plan.
Some might say Sigmund is picky because he doesn't like squirrels or birds and prefers to sit shotgun. We say he's just a Poodle who knows what he likes.
Bananas and rotisserie chicken are a favorite of Odin's, which says a lot about him, no?
Archer prefers to take photos by himself, says Gucci. (However if you wouldn't mind holding the camera, catching him on his good side, and making sure there's nothing weird in the background, that would be great. Thanks!)
Gucci states that Scout "yells at his toys to pay attention to him." We have nothing to add to that.

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