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I'm a New Mom and Fashion Editor—Here's What I Wore While I Was Pregnant

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It’s been a big year for Kerry Pieri. Not only is she at the helm of Harper’s Bazaar as their digital fashion/features director, but she also welcomed a baby girl to her family last July. Throughout her whole pregnancy, we noticed how stylish she looked for the entire nine months. So we couldn’t resist chatting with her to find out her advice for dressing a growing baby bump.

Her personal style is cool, and a scroll through her Instagram feed is seriously screenshot-worthy. Naturally, her maternity outfits were no exception. Curious to find out her secrets to dressing, we spoke to Pieri for insights. She shared some interesting gems, including how she learned to embrace a new style of denim and how toward the end of her pregnancy, she “felt so comfortable in [her] body” that she fully embraced her growing bump. Here, read about how Pieri dressed for each changing trimester and see her exceptional maternity style.

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“I didn’t show at all really until my fifth or sixth month, so I wore most of my regular clothes during the first trimester. However, I am a big fan of high-waisted no-stretch denim, and that kind of pressure on your belly just is not okay when you have a babe growing in there. I swapped my high-waisted straight-legs for boyfriend jeans during this time, which actually changed my aesthetic a lot—this look, for instance, is way edgier than I normally would go for.”

“Once I started to actually show, I still wore most of my regular clothes. I am all about embracing your pregnant, growing body, but there’s no denying that for much of the second trimester, you don’t look so much pregnant as not quite your regular self. To counteract this, I mainly tried to show that there was a bump without quite wearing super-tight clothing. Think button-downs and dresses that are close to the body.”

“Once I actually had a full-on prego belly, I loved showing it off. I felt so comfortable in my body and had a lot of fun with it. I mainly gravitated toward streamlined shapes, super-feminine dresses in pinks or florals—I was having a girl, after all—that showcased my bump. Anything that tented was not my speed, but I wasn’t quite the body-con type either.”

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