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I'll Only Be Wearing Skinny Jeans If These 6 Items Are Involved

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This year, when it comes to denim, I'm finding myself gravitating more toward straight and relaxed fits than usual, but by no means am I ditching my beloved skinny jeans. Instead, I'm finding it helpful to get really selective about the items I pair them with—you'll only find me wearing skinny jeans in 2018 if at least one of these six items are involved. Hint: Balance is key. When it comes to shoes, I'm loving tucking my jeans into chunky-soled boots (especially combat styles). See which looks are inspiring my skinny-jean outfits for the rest of the year.

Bold and luxurious, a statement coat commands attention to your upper half, thus streamlining the rest of the look.
Combat boots ground any look with their substantial shape, which means a pair of skinny jeans is the ideal match to balance out their tougher feel. Try swapping out your classic ankle boots for a pair of combat bootstucking the hem of your jeans inside.
That's right: Ever the fashion favorite, wearing a dress over your jeans will always look cool, a bit unexpected, and totally forward. So when I feel that my skinny jeans are approaching the same snug fit as my leggings, wearing a floaty dress on top is my go-to trick. Asymmetrical hemlines and wrap dresses look especially good over skinny jeans.
Skinny jeans are a tried-and-true classic, while kitten heels, on the other hand, are a trend that's only recently come back around. I'm drawn to this combination of classic and trend-forward. Not to mention that the heels are, in my opinion, the 2018 version of wearing flats with your skinny jeans.
Just like wearing a long sweater over your leggings, I feel most comfortable wearing a longline coat or duster over my skinny jeans. Again, it's all about balance for me, as I've never been super comfortable with wearing the body-hugging denim alone. This season, I'm loving wearing a classic trench over my skinny jeans.
Lastly, I'm of the opinion that over-the-knee boots were made for skinny jeans, creating one long streamlined silhouette. Opt for a slouchy boot for a more forward look or a fitted boot for that undeniably flattering shape.

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