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If You Have to Wear a Skirt This Winter, Wear It This Way

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Listen, it may be freezing out there, but when has that ever stopped us from choosing fashion over function? You’ll still see us braving the mid-February temperatures to wear that cute new skirt we just bought. You may think we’re crazy to do so, but we’ll let you in on what keeps us (mildly) sane while doing it. It may seem like layering in the winter is the equivalent of florals for spring (“groundbreaking”), but it really does change the winter style game. Incorporating tights, thick socks, and knee-high socks in all your outfits with skirts can still be so stylish. Still need a bit more inspiration? The following looks demonstrate just how to style these staple hosiery pieces with your best skirts.

Statement knee-high socks are taken to a whole new level in a fun shade of sage green. Forget what you think you know about neutral-toned socks and tights—this stylish woman is piling on all sorts of colors here, and we're taking diligent notes.
Colored tights are the ideal way to make skirts feel fresh even during the colder months.
Embrace scholastic vibes à la Chloe Sevigny and opt for knee-high socks with a miniskirt and classic lace-up shoes.
Or go the classic route like Olivia Palermo and layer a draped skirt over opaque tights.
Curious to test the waters of aforementioned colored tights? This otherwise neutral-toned outfit is the perfect foray into colorful territory.
Warm but so chic. Mix a bright sweater with a silky skirt and sneakers for a cool, easygoing look.
Dealing with some seriously below-freezing temps? This look makes the case for wearing leggings underneath your skirt.
Okay, we'll admit that regular black tights are still a staple we're not letting go of yet. Just look how chic they are with a bright color-blocking look.
Midi and tea-length skirts are the polished alternatives for layering up with tights and high socks.
Try out white tights for a look that really stands out.
Tights and sandals? We're into this interpretation of it, at least.

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