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I've Flown Over 100,000 Miles This Year—Here's My Airport Uniform


I recently hopped on a plane to Italy for a summer vacation, and when I logged onto Delta to check out my frequent flyer miles, I was surprised to see that I’d racked up over 100,000 miles since last summer. My frequent stops at the airport have resulted from a few personal trips to Paris, London, and Rome with some quick stops home in Arizona, but also some business travel that took me overseas.

What has this meant for my travel wardrobe, though? It has resulted in plenty of practice to craft the perfect airport uniform. To be honest, narrowing in on a great travel outfit has been something I’ve wanted to master. In the past, I’ve often found myself regretting some of my fashion choices. Stiff jeans might look great, but after a few hours, they start to feel uncomfortable. The same thing goes for small bags that aren’t roomy enough to fit my in-flight essentials.

After a year spent in airports and on planes, I’ve finally come up with the perfect airplane outfit. It’s a combination of ideas I’ve borrowed from celebrities like the always stylish (and on-the-go) Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and fashion lessons I’ve learned after some trial and error. Ahead, I’m breaking down the airport uniform I swear by.

I wore this outfit on my recent flight to Italy and realized that I finally figured out a winning travel look.
Isabel Marant always designs a great blazer.
Wear this to tap into French-girl style.
I own this style, and it’s become my favorite thing to wear to the airport.
Re/Done is known for its denim but also its perfectly cut T-shirts.
I typically go for a boxy fit.
This style is finished with rolled cuff sleeves.
Straight-leg jeans are my standard.
I’ve been wearing lighter washes more and more.
But I also love wearing black-wash jeans.
I own a similar pair of faux-croc boots and have been wearing them for years.
Block heels are key for making sure they’re comfortable.
I own this style, and it fits all of my essentials.
I also think aluminum finishes are especially cool.
Rimowa is known for its durable bags.
Sleek and big enough to fit all of your travel essentials.
I own this bag and carry it nearly every day, as well as on flights.
A great affordable option.

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