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I Tried 9 Pairs of Leggings—Here's My Honest Opinion


Welcome to the latest edition of a new series in which I'll test out a variety of items from different brands that you want to know about. I'll give you my honest take in my quest to find the best of the best for you, dear reader. WWW Reviews encompasses everything from trends to staple items to fashion utility items and more—basically anything and everything a fashion girl would want to know about. So far, I've covered the best cropped denim flares. Next up: leggings.

Aside from them being the stretchy pants that I wear to exercise, leggings weren't something that I gave much thought to until the world became obsessed with them circa 2015. Suddenly my collection of years-old slightly stretched-out leggings didn't feel adequate. And since the leggings trend has reached a fever pitch, thanks in part to the leggings-crazed duo known as Kendall and Gigi, I decided that the time had come to put some of the top brands to the test, in hopes of finding the crème de la crème. My quest gave me newfound knowledge of what makes for a successful pair of leggings, and it also led me to a couple pairs that check all the boxes (although you truly can't go wrong with any pair in this batch, depending on what you're looking for—I chose well). Without further ado… 

Read on to get my honest take that was a result of approximately two weeks of constant leggings-wearing, and shop them all for yourself. 

Fit: True to size but the fabric is very stretchy, so I'd consider sizing down if you're in-between sizes. Fabric: Luon and Lycra. Comfort: The Luon fabric is extremely soft and weightless. They're stretchy without stretching out. Rise: High; Length: 7/8. Price: $98. The Verdict: 3.5/5. Lululemon has always been my go-to leggings brand, but this was my first experience with one their much-lauded Luon options. While these were incredibly comfortable, thin, and breathable, I wished for a little more structure in the boot camp class that I wore them to. They'd be great for something like yoga or even just lounging or running errands, as you're not moving around much. For more vigorous workouts, these might not be your best bet.
Available in sizes 2 to 12. 
Fit: These run a bit small, but I didn't need to size up. Fabric: 86% polyester, 14% spandex. Comfort: The fabric is firm yet flexible and weightless, so I didn't feel constricted. Rise: Mid; Length: 3/4 (23.5" inseam). Price: $80 to $95. The Verdict: 4.5/5. I'd admittedly been dying to try this much buzzed-about brand, and finally got the chance to test out the Warmup leggings and the 3/4 Warmup Leggings. The 3/4 option proved better for me, as I'm 5'4". These ended up being one of the most flattering pairs that I tried. They feature Outdoor Voice's textured compression fabric, which made for a very slimming look. My lower half felt almost too compressed at times but I didn't mind. They'd be perfect for almost any type of workout or just for going out and about (they're definitely cute enough for that). 
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Fit: They're Spanx, so it's normal for them to feel a little snug. Fabric: 60% nylon, 40% spandex/elastane. Comfort: They're on the firm side. Getting them on takes some muscle. Rise: High; Length: 26.75" inseam. Price: $98. The Verdict: 3.5/5. If you're seeking a pair with high-tech shapewear-like capabilities, look no further. Spanx's Active Compression leggings feature slim-x fabric that smooths and supports from top to bottom. There's a wide-set gusset, which adds to the flattering look. That said, they're not for the faint of heart, as they're quite firm. I loved that they looked clean and unfussy, despite the shapewear-like factors. 
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Fit: True to size. Fabric: 84% nylon, 16% lycra. Comfort: Very silky and breathable. Rise: High; Length: 29" inseam. Price: $185. The Verdict: 4/5. Ultracor leggings are very stylish and feature special compressive fabrics that sculpt the body like shapewear, without constricting movement or suffocating your legs. Its leggings feature a built-in thong, which helps to achieve a smooth look. The price point is on the high side for these, but they do feel quite luxe, as the name claims, and I loved the subtle star pattern. My take? They're worth the splurge.
Similar style here.  Available in sizes XS to L. 
Fit: A bit snug. I'd consider sizing up if between sizes. Fabric: polyester/elastane. Comfort: More supportive than comfortable, but not uncomfortable.  Rise: High; Length: 7/8. Price: $110. The Verdict: 3/5. I had some trouble getting these on and they felt a bit on the thick side. That said, they were very flattering thanks to the supportive yet stretchy construction, a backside-enhancing seam, and the slightly cropped length. They also did a great job of wicking away sweat. These are great spin class leggings. (If you're not big on prints, they're also available in black.)
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Fit: True to size. Fabric: nylon/lycra. Comfort: These were very comfortable. I could barely feel them. Rise: High; Length: 19.5" inseam. Price: $70 . The Verdict: 4/5. I was quite intrigued by this new activewear collaboration and am happy to say that these leggings didn't disappoint. They're just a solid, no-frills, sturdy pair. The NB Dry fabric absorbs sweat, and resists odors, while contour seams make them flattering. I wore these to a boot camp class and found the bands that kept the hems from riding up to be a great feature. Much attention was paid to detail with these, down to the discrete logo at the hem. I would've preferred for them to have been either a bit longer or shorter, but no complaints aside from that.
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Fit: True to size. Fabric: 87% nylon, 13% elastane. Comfort: The fabric was soft and stretchy but the waistband felt a bit bulky (it was developed for yoga practice). Rise: Mid; Length: A long capri. Price: $58. The Verdict: 3/5. The low price point is definitely a plus, as was the stylish mesh detail at the ankles. I would've preferred for the fabric to be thinner and a bit more supportive, but for the price, these are tough to beat. I recommend them for yoga or pilates. 
Available in sizes XS to XL. 
Fit: True to size. (I wouldn't size up with these.) Fabric: 87% polyester, 13% lycra. Comfort: This was the most comfortable pair that I tried. The fabric was incredibly soft.  Rise: Mid; Length: Ankle. Price: $110. The Verdict: 5/5. To be honest, I chose these because I liked the mesh and the pockets. I don't know how these are so slimming yet so soft and stretchy at the same time. They bunched a tiny bit at the ankles for me, but they're so tapered that I didn't mind the look of it. The mesh elevates them and allows for air flow. I wore these to a barre class but they'd be great for any other workout, or just running errands. 
Available in sizes XS to XXL. 
Fit: Size up if you're between sizes. Fabric: nylon spandex/glossy performance fabric. Comfort: I was pleasantly surprised by how stretchy and soft they were. The high waistband added to the comfort factor. Rise: High; Length: 28-28.5" inseam. Price: $114. The Verdict: 5/5. I suppose the Kendall/Gigi/Bella/Hailey gang is to thank for my curiosity about this model-off-duty go-to pair. The moto detail has a leather-like look but you don't even feel it. Besides being cool and on trend, these lifted and contoured to a T and wicked away sweat. They felt almost too cute to wear to a spin class, but at least I could proudly wear them to brunch afterward. 
Available in sizes XXS to L. 

Tell us what your favorite pair of leggings is in the comments below, and check out more of our leggings coverage here!

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