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I Feel Confident Every Time I Wear This Swimsuit Style


To be honest, swimsuit season is kind of daunting to me. Sure, I live in California right near the Pacific, and sure, I grew up in Arizona with a swimming pool in my backyard, and sure, I’ve worn a swimsuit more times than I can count. But none of these facts shifts the trepidation of swimsuits in my mind. After trying a number of styles, though, I’ve finally found one that makes me feel confident no matter which beach or backyard I’m sitting in.

The style you ask? One-pieces. While this might seem kind of “safe” or “boring”—and maybe you can make the argument that it is—I don’t happen to agree. To me, it feels very Bond girl and empowering. In the end, one-piece swimsuits just make me feel confident, which is the best thing I can think of feeling when slipping into so little clothes. Ahead see how I’m wearing one-piece swimsuits this season and shop my favorite styles.

In my opinion, everyone needs a basic one-piece in their arsenal like this version. Bonus points for the ribbed fabric that feels very throwback in all the right ways.
Available in sizes P to V.
With its high-cut legs and low-cut side, this version is a nod to the ’80s—and I’m into it. It’s also a “one size fits most” cut and stretches to fit all your curves.
Available in one size.
The runaway trend of the summer? Leopard. With swimsuits and in all other things.
Available in sizes P to V.
Available in sizes S to L.
Available in one size.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in UK sizes 16 to 28.
Available in sizes XS to M.
Available in sizes 1 to 5.
Available in sizes 1X to 3X.
Available in sizes XS to L.
Available in sizes XS to XL.
Available in sizes 0 to 4.
Available in Danish sizes 34 to 42.

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