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I Ditched My Pumps for These Sneakers, and I'm Never Turning Back

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Let me paint you a picture of the day I discovered my (former) staple shoe style: It’s 2007, and I need to find footwear for prom. I’m wandering around the mall when I stumble across a sight that makes me look up from my Blackberry in awe. There they are—the perfect white pumps sitting in a store window just waiting for me. I make like Cinderella and slip them on, and the rest is history. Ten years later, I’ve owned no less than 10 pairs of the Carrie Bradshaw–approved style.

I’ve been eyeing the fashion sneaker game from the sidelines for some time, but there’s this voice in the back of my head that tends to panic when I want to sartorially change things up. When adidas came out with its new UltraBOOSTs that promised style and much-needed relief for my toes, though, I decided it was time to get out of my comfort zone. Ready to see how I fared?

A trench coat with a dress and pumps is my foolproof I’m-too-lazy-to-try outfit, but swapping in the UltraBOOST sneakers made the polished ensemble that much cooler. It’s now a look I can really get things done in. With a cotton dress, a structured bag, and cat-eye sunglasses, I have a trans-seasonal outfit that takes zero time to put together (music to my ears).

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Stripes on stripes with a hint of blush—it’s the little things on these sneakers that make them the ideal groundwork for a fashion girl–approved look.

If there were one thing that could actually convince me that my white pumps could take the day off, it’s being able to style these sneakers with a trendy work-appropriate look. Power suits and baby-blue hues are without a doubt two of the biggest trends right now, but it’s the sporty touch of the sneakers that gives the look a casual flair.

The textured bucket bag and heavy gold hoops make this two-piece feel like, well, me. I can see myself (comfortably) walking into the boardroom like this without feeling too corporate.

Yes, I’m extra enough to ordinarily wear a pair of pumps with even my most casual of outfits (told you I was obsessed). I styled my UltraBOOSTs with spring-ready staples like an on-trend lavender sweater and wide-leg cropped denim. The combination is a perfect match and feels sophisticated thanks to the spattering of dark accessories.

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