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How to Dress Like a Total Fashion Boss, à la Jenna Lyons


Even if your personal style doesn’t include a single print, bold color, or pair of jeans, there’s a lot to love about Jenna Lyons’s approach to dressing. From one fashion-loving individual to another, it’s hard not to appreciate the former president and creative director of J.Crew for her daring combinations, signature effortless uniforms, and ability to make everyday denim look sensational for any occasion—even the Met Gala. And if we have to narrow down all the adventurous, unexpected, and chic style moves she’s known for, we’d start with the 10 ahead.

Breaking down Lyons’s standout looks, we’ve outlined some of the rules she follows—or doesn’t follow—that make her ensembles constantly fresh, be it at fashion week, a red carpet event, or, well, wherever her next career move takes her. Even if some of these examples fall outside your own comfort zone, consider them a small nudge to try something you might not have otherwise. We find that our favorite fashion girls tend to have that effect on us.

Scroll down to start adding a bit of Jenna Lyons’s influence in your wardrobe.

Skinny jeans under a dress and a statement coat? Why not.
With its deep V neckline and pared-back accessories, this oversize-meets-oversize look hits the mark.
Decide for yourself what goes and what doesn’t. How refreshing!
When in doubt, a blazer, a button-down, distressed denim, and heels will never, ever steer you wrong.
Head-to-toe tan feels extra exciting with a touch of ruffle, tulle, polka dots, and metallic accessories.
Wearing something that’s kind of ordinary then throwing on the sparkle, sequins, jewels, etc. is a classic Lyons move.
And really, shouldn’t we all?
Even a mechanic-inspired pink jumpsuit has so much potential for a great polished ensemble.
Forget how you’re supposed to wear certain pieces of your closet (like a feathered party dress or a sleek work blazer) and start pushing the boundaries of what to wear where.
Lyons’s glasses are arguably the most envious accessories in her closet and give her outfits the perfect accent.
Dress this jumpsuit up or down.
If you’re daring, pair with an equally oversize top.
Lyons loves heels, but crisp white sneaker are another staple of hers.
Pack on the prints, starting with these pretty flowers.
This classic piece has so many styling possibilities.
For a more advanced move, wear these layered under a dress.
If you’re new to ruffles, start with ones in a neutral hue.
Lyons-inspired lenses that even those with 20/20 vision will want.
Naturally, the former J.Crew executive knows the value of a great blazer.
A hint of metallic adds extra dimension to an outfit for day or night.
Here’s that wear-with-anything leopard we were talking about.

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