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How a French Girl Does Met Gala Dressing (Differently)

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What's it really like to attend the Met Gala? It's something many fashion obsessees wonder (the event is notoriously closed-door after all). French style star and designer Jeanne Damas found out last night. "In Paris, we know of the Met gala and see all of the stars and designers, but it was so much bigger than I expected." Damas attended as a guest of designer Tory Burch and let us in on the night from start to finish.

"Getting ready for any gala can be hectic, and we were down to the last minute with finishing touches," she notes. Damas's day included a last-minute dress swap (yes, really), but all worked out in the end. "I loved the dark feel of the dress because it played off the theme in a modern way," she says. "My velvet heels and satin pouch along with the cross necklace were simple but very me and very French."

So what's it like inside the party? "All the guests are incredible artists, designers, entrepreneurs, musicians, or actors, and you don't know what it is truly like until you attend. It was a wow night," Damas describes, adding that the highlight of the whole evening was the performance by Madonna. "She gave a Gothic-inspired performance inside the gala after dinner, which was incredible. Everyone was standing up dancing and singing her iconic songs."

Read on for behind-the-scenes shots of Damas getting ready.

Fred Leighton earrings and a cross necklace fit to the "Heavenly Bodies" theme. 
Getting ready means playing with some seriously sparkly jewels.
Damas made a game-time decision to switch from black heels to red for the carpet, but both compliment her billowy dress. 
Putting the finishing touches on her evening look before heading out for the big night. 
On Jeanne Damas: Tory Burch dress and heels; Fred Leighton Jewelry; Beinen-Davis bag.

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