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Easy Spring Outfit Ideas From All Over the World

Outfit Ideas

I will be the first to admit that I can get trapped in Instagram black holes. You know, those times when you start scrolling through your feed, pause on a photo, tap on brand, then hop over to a related account, and the next thing you know a full 40 minutes have passed by. But here’s why: I’m kind of obsessed with using it as a tool to discover cool new trendsetters all across the world.

Through Instagram, I’ve been able to see the style moments that are happening right now everywhere—not just in the L.A. bubble where I live. And during my latest deep dive into the world of fashion influencers, I found some really interesting outfit ideas for spring. From a head-to-toe red outfit in Johannesburg (that I wish I were wearing at this very moment) to the color of the moment in Copenhagen (yellow is exploding right now) to the ultimate weekend look in Lisbon (yes, I now need boots with a silver toe), these are the looks from all over the world that are inspiring me.

If you see me wearing head-to-toe red sometime soon, this outfit is why.
A colorful dress with tights and boots—why haven't I tried this before?
TBH, I can never say no to gingham. Plus, I really need one of the clear bags everyone is wearing right now.
Long dresses are all I want to wear now.
This outfit is giving me the confidence to mix cool patterns.
Head-to-toe pastels. Yes, please.
A boxy blazer is seriously a seasonless staple.
This outfit is proof that timeless and classic never go out of style.
Neutral tones for the win.
Is it just me, or is this color everywhere right now?
Who doesn't love purple right now? 
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