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Congrats, Kylie Jenner—You Just Solidified This Trend for Good


You've seen it all over Instagram and styled by fashion girls everywhere, but now Kylie Jenner is putting her own mark on the trend that completely blew up this summer. We're talking, of course, about the bike-shorts trend. But just as quickly as the trend emerged, our favorite style influencers shifted gears to wear theirs with a certain outfit combination of biker shorts and blazers, and soon the out-of-the-box trend spread like wildfire.

Whatever your feelings about the offbeat combo might be, Kylie Jenner is officially solidifying it as a full-blown thing. She put her stamp of approval on the bike-shorts trend by posting to Instagram with a very of-the-moment outfit featuring a white blazer, black bike shorts, and iridescent sneakers. She finished off the look by cinching her blazer with a Chanel belt bag.

Keep reading to see Kylie's outfit 'gram along with other versions of her trendy look, and then shop her key pieces.

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