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Confused About Denim on Denim? Let Us Decode the Look

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Denim on denim, the Canadian tuxedo—call it what you want, but the jean-centric look never ceases to spark a conversation among inquiring minds. Is it cool? Is it ridiculous? Is it "me"? The questions abound, but one thing's for sure: It remains a look that transcends trends and decades.

If you're totally confused on how to pull it off, allow us to decode a few of the outfit formulas that incorporate denim in doubles. Go ahead, give it a try (if only just once). You may just find your inner jean queen.

Try light, medium, or dark washes together for a uniform ensemble.
Pairing two contrasting denim shades produces a subtler take on the look. Try white jeans with an indigo jacket.
If matching pants feel like too much, try a denim skirt. Less fabric equals less of an in-your-face result.
Take a cue from Western-inspired looks (seen in recent seasons on runways like Calvin Klein) by tucking a button-down blouse into high-waisted jeans.
Consider this your denim-on-denim starter outfit: Break up the jean action with a plain cotton T-shirt. Voilà—it's that easy.
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