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Are These Sneakers the Next Cool-Girl Shoe Style?

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Style-stalking is our favorite hobby, and right now we’re feeling giddier than ever thanks to the colorful spring outfits taking over our feeds. The latest must-have popping up practically every time we open our phones? Bally’s new sneaker collection, which takes cues from the designer’s heritage sensibilities. Gum soles? Old-school high-tops? Retro shades? Check, check, and check.

Bloggers Charlotte Groeneveld of The Fashion Guitar and Kayla Seah of Not Your Standard have very different personal styles (one’s a definite maximalist while the other’s an avowed minimalist), but they’re both effortlessly working the shoes into all their spring looks. Keep reading to see how they’re wearing their picks from the must-have collection (and grab a pair of your own while you’re at it).

Behold a super-maximalistic ensemble that’s actually surprisingly easy to re-create. Who said a frilly, ruffled pink ball gown isn’t a viable option for a sneaker look? Certainly not us, and certainly not Groeneveld, who’s not holding back here. “I’m utterly in love with the idea of a girl running in the street, holding up her dreamy dress while still being in her favorite pair of sneakers,” she tells us.

Your dress is ethereal, but that doesn’t mean your accessories have to be. Follow Groeneveld’s lead and go bold—we love her red bag and her stack of candy-colored bracelets. These must-own sneakers also have a fun checkerboard pattern, which adds yet another element of fun to this look. Et voilà: a dreamy brunch look that’s not for the faint of heart.

“These sneakers are iconic and timeless—they have an amazing retro feel to them that makes them super sophisticated,” Groeneveld explains of the sporty option we need in our own wardrobes, like, yesterday. “Adding a long gown with ruffles in a light-pink shade is the perfect way to play up the versatility of these high-tops.”

Not that we’ve forgotten about the minimalists among us—Bally’s new collection has no shortage of options for ladies whose sleek weekday looks tend to involve black, black, and more black. Seah went the more casual route here, adding the cool-girl sneakers in with her trousers, motorcycle jacket, and leather handbag.

“I love wearing trousers with my sneakers,” Seah told us. “I find that styling these two classics together brings an element of chic to the overall casualness of this outfit.” We couldn’t agree more, which is why this easy yet put-together look is one of our favorites for those mornings when we just need to get out the door (while juggling a cup of coffee).

We love the way the blogger’s all-black look lets the light, creamy neutral sneakers—a minimalist’s dream hue—take center stage. These sneakers have a treaded sole and plenty of retro appeal, making them a great pair to style with the fluid pants and structured bags that make up your wardrobe.

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